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What is Timeshare

Great convenience . Great holiday
Over 7 million people enjoy a timeshare once a year. Being one of the most regulated market,
the timeshare fits the lifestyle of families around the world because it offers
a number of different opportunities comfortable and high quality.
You can buy a timeshare at one of the residences of the Matarazzo Group.
(Group of Companies Lucano (ITM. Tourist Initiatives Matarazzo Ltd. and Oliver Club
Metaponto Ltd.).
The Group encompasses all phases: design, construction, sales and management
with over 20 years of experience in tourism and in timeshare.

  • Danaide Resort (New Resort 2016)
  • Tourist Center Akiris Hotel - R.T.A. (With nearly 2000 customers since 1998)
  • Alessidamo Club R.T.A. (With over 1500 customers since 1994)

    If you enroll yourself to Interval International®, you'll get even more out of your holiday.
    Not only you can spend holidays in a fantastic residence every year,
    but you can also decide to go on vacation in another location, or in any time
    you have thousands of options exchange holiday.
    It is perfect for a change of vacancy and gives you so much flexibility.
    The timeshare allows you to enjoy life should be lived as: discovering
    the wonders of the world and spending quality time with family and friends.

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  • More benefits for the same amount
    Millions of families around the world get more out of their holiday budget by paying only for the time they want to.
    So, thanks to timeshare, they can get spacious houses in condominium with fabulous facilities offered from the residence.

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    It's your vacation, so do it in the best way
    The timeshare offers a wide variety of options exchange. If you registered in Interval, the various modes of exchange
    will allow the flexibility to exchange a week or to exploit points to spend a week in another incredible location,
    in different time of year! Whatever your budget, you can afford to timeshare annual unforgettable holiday, spectacular and stilish.

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    The world is your playground
    By purchasing a share in one of the residence listed above, you'll have a whole
    world of holidays to choose from. You'll have access to the "Interval's Quality
    Vacation Exchange Network®", which will offer hundreds of Resort more
    than 80 countries worldwide.
    It seems you a quite selection?
    What are you waiting for?
    Buy now! Your share in timeshare and became a citizen of world.

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